DBIllustration o35-25


Owner Age(s): 35
Employee Ages: 25
Year: 2007

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3 Plan Comparison Traditional
Defined Benefit Plan
Cash Balance Plan Cross-Tested
Cash Balance Plan +
Profit Sharing Plan
Click for illustration--> illustration illustration illustration
Defined Benefit Plan Cost of owner(s)
Owners' % of plan cost see Owners' % of
Grand Total below
401(k) Plan
Profit Sharing)
optional/required optional optional required
Additional benefit
to owner(s)
(includes owners'
401(k) deferral)
Combined Plans Total for owner(s)
Owners' % of Grand Total
Administrative expense: high twice as high three times as high
Overall Grade*:

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*Note that even poorly graded plans may be appropriate in certain situations, such as for lower benefit levels, or if the employee total compensation package is negotiable.